Our Story

Our Story

My skincare is simple - it MUST be pure, active, and organic and I must stay discerning. I don’t wash my face, have never had a chemical peel and refuse to get facials. I’ll be 43 in a couple of weeks, don’t wear makeup and wherever I go ppl always comment abt my “amazing” and/or “glowing” skin - which can be a tricky for someone who’s not always comfortable taking a compliment. People are shocked when I reveal my age (which is actually something I LOVE doing). Then they ask for my skincare secrets, or what I use. I share my regime and that I essentially concoct my own formulas, which I often urge others to try doing.

I do realize I’m at an advantage in the realm of making my own skincare, because of both my professional and personal experience. Having been formally educated in beauty industry development and marketing, having worked in both the beauty & natural product industries for most of my career, I understand everything that goes into the development and launch of products and brands. My background is in PD, formulation, & branding specifically within this space. Some of the hundreds of brands and products I’ve launched grace the shelves of both Whole Foods both Sephora and the counters of Neimans & Saks. I have an educational foundation of cosmetic chemistry and am in my element working with an octophone or perfume organ (a collection of absolutes and oils used by formulators to create perfumes). This expertise is not something I share with many people in my current life; it just is and has always been a part of my story. (Those who know me know I’m here and there and everywhere 🥰) Besides, who really wants to hear someone talk abt themselves and abt what they’ve done? It was never my intention to create my own- self promotion isn’t my jam. There are many great beauty brands out there, offering natural products with high efficacy and incredible social missions. Many were created & operated by friends and colleagues. I never felt driven to share what I know in a way that would be meaningful. Again, I never wanted to create my own brand or products.


I think Grandma Marie decided she would co-create this with me, with us, as a way to distill everything she taught us, combine it with my expertise, keep it alive and share the wisdom with the world. She was pure love. She sparked my quest for all things spiritual, natural and healthy - never do we remember a time when this wasn’t at the root of the sage wisdom in which she imparted.

I hope our products help you to feel nurtured and held and help to bring alive those sages in your life who have stayed with you in spirit. I hope each use evokes a truly sensorial and healing experience - soothing the heart, body, spirit and soul. I hope you love our brand and our products.

xo, Denise

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