Little Drops of Wisdom

Little Drops of Wisdom

Proper skincare was essential to Marie. She instilled in us the foundation that became our quest for all things healthy, natural and organic. Our grandmother Marie first introduced us, her grandchildren, to the world of organic essential oils in the 80’s. She always had a remedy on deck to speak to our heart, body, spirit and soul. Her mother, aunt and grandmother showed her how to use Mother Nature’s bounty to heal the body, soul and spirit. So many of those remedies we still use and have been passed along to our own children.

Grace and faith. These are two things she carried with her throughout her entire life. Her faith gave her the courage to be vulnerable and open, to love and be loved, and to always be open to growth and to always trust God’s plan in this life. It allowed her to find good in the bad, gifts in the pain, and know that everything happens for a reason - God always has a plan. (She was the closest thing to a physical manifestation of Kuan Yin) She taught us that the most direct way to connect with the Divine was to just connect; our prayers are always heard and questions always answered. Her grace warmed her heart and softened the loving words she gave to the MANY people who loved her. 

Our brand intention is to use what Marie taught us and to spread her love and wisdom - allowing others to feel the same love, nurturing and feeling of being cared-for that our grandmother Marie provided for us, with each pressing of an oil into the skin and with each inhalation of its beautifully soothing and nurturing aroma.

We honor her life and legacy by attempting to make others feel just as loved, held, and cared-for as she made all of us feel and by striving to always have faith and grace and to use love as our compass in life.

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